How Lady Gaga Rebounded After Artpop Flop

Lady Gaga's 2013 "Artpop" album sold 258,000 copies in its first week, but those were her worst numbers to date. Still, weak sales didn't bring the "Applause" singer down. Since it's the pop star's 28th birthday on March 28, 2015, let's look at how she quickly rebounded from her "artflop," starting with the fact that she begged her fans for forgiveness and redemption. She wrote on her Little Monsters site: "Give me a chance to show you the meaning of seeing art all around you.

Right after her album was released, Lady Gaga hosted a fabulous episode of "Saturday Night Live" on Nov. 16, 2013. What a great way to distract everyone from low sales figures. Soon after the big flop, Lady Gaga decided to part ways with her longtime manager Troy Carter and instead signed with Bobby Campbell and Artist Nation. The singer told AP that having issues with management "certainly affected my mind during 'Artpop.'" We're glad she's in a better place now!

Lady Gaga made headlines when she finally resolved her long-standing feud with Kelly Osbourne on Oscar night in 2014. The former "Fashion Police" host posted this cute Instagram pic with the caption: #peace at last @ladygaga." They had been throwing jabs at each other for years beforehand. Then On Sept. 19, 2014, Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett released a jazz album together titled "Cheek to Cheek." The record did so well that it even won a Grammy award. And we love that Mother Monster had no fear about completely switching genres for a while.

The singer decided to break out of her singing shell when she signed on to FX's "American Horror Story: Hotel" TV series. She announced the news on Twitter in February 2015 and joked, "Make your reservation now." Yes, Lady Gaga's album may have not done as well as her others. But that hasn't held her down in any way, especially physically. if anything she's been getting into the best shape of her life and sharing her workouts all over social media. In February 2015, she wrote: "What a wonderful day, Swimming Pool Yoga!"

Finally, on Feb. 14, 2015, her longtime love, actor Taylor Kinney, popped the question. He posted a photo on Instagram with the caption, "she said YES on Valentine's Day." While most people love Lady Gaga for her outrageous stage costumes and flashy moves, she let her voice truly shine during a gimmick-free performance of "The Sound of Music" at the 2015 Oscars. We were very much reminded of the star's immense talent.